Private Swim Lessons

We are now offering private swim lessons! 

Contact the front desk or swim instructors directly to schedule your lesson! 

30 min session $25

50 min session $35

Front Desk 435-259-8226

Elana 413-259-4369

Sierra 435-210-0455

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Elana Started lifeguarding and teaching swimming at the MRAC in 2016 when she first moved to Moab from Massachuestts. She has been lifeguarding, teaching swimming and supporting children’s learning for more than 25 years in many different ways and in many parts of the world. Through her travels she has become a proficient Spanish speaker and can work with Spanish speaking students and families. She is best suited to teach students at beginning and intermediate swimming levels. 


Call the MRAC to book your private swimming lesson or reach out to Elana directly if you have any further questions. 413-259-4369


    Elana Davidson 

Mental Health & Happiness Coach 

Author of "Finding Your Own Happy" 

"How do I listen to others? As if everyone were my master speaking to me his 

cherished last words" ~Hafiz


My name is Sierra and I have worked at the MRAC throughout my high school and college years. I like to rock climb, read, ride bikes and swim! Call the MRAC to book your private swim lesson or reach out to Sierra directly if you have further questions.