Water Aerobics

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Water aerobics: tone, stretch and rejuvenate! Our water aerobics classes are designed to accommodate students of all ages and ability levels. From the laid-back fun of splashing and stretching to the heart-pumping cardio water workout that burns calories, builds strength, increases joint mobility and conditions the core, we’ve got a class for you.

Water aerobics is ideal for both healthy individuals and those suffering with arthritis, fibromyalgia pain and other debilitating or degenerative medical conditions. Because 90% of the body’s weight is supported in the water, much less strain is placed on the joints and spine, allowing improvement in flexibility without pain and injury.

Class Information

Monday: 9:30am - 10:30am with Janie Tuft    *Low to Moderate Intensity

Tuesday: 5:15pm - 6:15pm with Shelley Hawks    **Moderate to High Intensity 

Wednesday: 9:30am - 10:30am (Self-led)

Thursday: 5:15pm - 6:15pm with Shelley Hawks    **Moderate to High Intensity 

Friday: 9:30am - 10:30am with Stacie Sheets    *Low to Moderate Intensity

The cost for classes is $3.00 per class for season and annual pass holders and $5.00 for nonmembers. 20-punch passes are available for $45.00 for pass holders and $75.00 for nonmembers. Punch passes may be used for both aquatic and fitness classes. 

Meet our Instructors

Janie Tuft

Janies newer photo

I originally began attending water aerobics in the afternoons with Shelly Hawks  back in 2011 when the MRAC first opened opened. Then in 2013, I began going to Cathy's water aerobics in the mornings after falling on ice and tearing my right rotator cuff. I have regained total motion in that shoulder from thanks to water aerobics, and for that I am so grateful. Cathy was a wonderful instructor, and we miss her since her move to Indiana. A friend and I began covering her classes when she became ill and we carried on until COVID-19 hit us last March 2020. Then in about Oct. the MRAC Director contacted me to see if I might be interested in covering one class per week, and I've been back at it since then! It gives me so much therapy and enjoyment to stay involved in water aerobics. I usually lead the Monday morning class from 9:30am to 10:30am: 15 minutes of stretching, 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of resistance with buoys, and 15 minutes of resistance with a noodle.  

Stacie Sheets


I am a 60 woman who wants to remain strong and agile and the best way I know to do this is in the water. Working out in the water provides high results with low impact and I can do so much more in the water than I can on land.
My water aerobics class would be considered moderate. It is more focused on building muscles and strengthening the core muscles.  
I have a few different workout routines which include my favorite which is kickboxing. This includes interval repetitions of arm work, leg work, abs and balance, giving us a chance to work out some of those aggressions and have fun while doing it.
Another that I enjoy is the barre workout which are ballet like moves: this works all types of muscles that we use and a lot that we don't use.
Another favorite is the deep water workouts which challenges our core muscles to the max.
Sometimes I just throw all the exercises together and see what happens!
We do stretches with all of my aerobics classes so we don't hurt ourselves and 
I am open to add exercises that the patrons request at any time as my goal is to please everyone.

Shelley Hawks


I'm a 5th generation Moabite who loves being outdoors. I currently work at the MRAC as a Lifeguard, Swim Lessons Instructor/Coordinator, and Water Aerobics instructor. I've been here for almost 30 years having started teaching in 1992. 
 I've worked for the City of Moab in both the Parks and Road Dept. and currently at the MRAC and HMK elementary as the P.E. Coordinator for grades 
K-6th.  I've been a volunteer DJ at KZMU for over 17 years and co-ran the Canyonlands Volleyball Tournaments for over 20 years.
I've been teaching fitness classes of one kind or another since the early 80's such as step aerobics, pilates, and of course water aerobics.  
You might say Moab runs through my veins!

Class Content - Cardio, Strengthening, Stretching, Yoga, Dance, Balance, and FUN!
We use equipment in the water like pool noodles, exercise bands, balls, and buoys to work all the major and minor muscle groups as well as body weight exercises. We work out in both the shallow and deep water to maximize our 60 minute workouts but I do provide modifications for those with limited ability and/or medical issues.