How much does it cost to rent the MARC?

It depends on which room(s) you need and for how long. We have hourly rates and day rates. We also offer a number of discounts. Please call the MARC to find out most up-to-date pricing and rental information. 435-259-6272

What if I cancel my rental? Do I have to clean up after my rental? Is there a noise ordinance?

Refund policies, expectations, and codes of conduct are all discussed in our handy Rental Policies and Procedures (PDF) manual, among other things.

Can I serve alcohol at the MARC?

Yes, though permit(s) and/or licenses may be required. The Alcohol Information Sheet (PDF) can answer many of your questions.

Can I have my wedding/reception there?

Yep. We host weddings. The MARC was originally a church after all.

What if the space I want is already booked?

Full-day rentals, multi-day events, and private parties receive rental priority. So, if a room seems booked on the calendar, call us. We can often accommodate your needs.

And if all this seems complicated, give us a call to talk to a real person.